Top 4 Reasons Why Bird’s Nest is the Best Gift for Everyone

Because Your Loved Ones are #WorthIt

One of the most important traditions among Chinese during Chinese New Year is to give gifts with auspicious symbols that represent good health, good fortune and good luck to loved ones, friends and business partners.

This year, Yan Society – one of the brands everyone seem to love – has prepared a range of delightful and meaningful hampers, perfect to show your loved ones or business partners how you appreciate what they have done for you in the past year and want them to have good health another year ahead.

Here are the reasons why you should give your loved ones or business partners the gift of bird’s nest for Chinese New Year:

#1. It’ll Keep Them Looking Young

Looking Young

The best compliment your mother can receive at Chinese New Year is someone asking: “Why you never grow old?”

The Bird’s nest is rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and amino acids, which is responsible to promote tissue regeneration and cell growth, which nourishing the skin – all of which come in handy when keeping your mum’s skin youthful and enhance the complexion.

Trust me, every mother trying to hold on to their youthful looks for as long as possible (although they may not admit it) – so, this is the time for you to contribute for their youthfulness.

#2. They can brag about how thoughtful you are


Parents-in-laws love to talk about their children and to wax lyrical about their children-in-law is an inevitable part of any gathering. When they start comparing us (or show us off) to other relatives or their friends’ kids, we know they’re just proud of us.

…and a beautiful package of premium bird’s nest can be a gift with additional bragging rights. So, give your parents-in-laws one more thing to be happy about, and it’ll be definitely worth it!  (You know what I mean! :p)

#3. Bird’s Nest is great for overall health

Great Stuff

Bird’s nest has been said to be good at keeping folks in the pink of health, and being in good health generally means living longer.

Bird’s nest has high glycoprotein content, growth factors and neutral energetic property, which has proven that it will help to boost the immune system, as well as help to relieve respiratory ailments such as chronic coughs.

Your folks may want to live long enough or even better if they are in good health to play with their grandchildren. They might spoil their grandchildren by feeding them bird’s nest and your children will not fall sick so easily. You’ll have more money to spend on other things instead of paying for a doctor, isn’t it a win-win? 🙂

#4. It’s the best gift when you don’t know what to buy

Smart is hot

You may want to buy a gift for your boss to show how thankful you are that you still have jobs, or to your business partners to show your appreciation to them.

However, buying whiskies or wines for them is like poking a sleeping tiger with a stick – either they love it, or they’ll hate it. If they do not like it, you’ll feel awful and that defeats the purpose of you buying them the gift. It’s often hard to pinpoint what will be the greatest gift for them.

The one good thing about buying your boss or business partner bird’s nest is it may look pricey, but the fact is still cheaper than branded alcoholic drinks which may also harm their health. The elegant yet luxurious packaging will not make you seem like a penny-pinching miser. So, your boss or business partners are happy, and at the same time, your wallet is grateful! Yesssss! 

..So, pamper your loved ones what they deserved!

If you’ve been fretting over what to buy as a gift for your loved ones this Chinese New Year, you can easily do all your shopping at Yan Society Bird’s Nest Online Store – as our premium bird’s nest products come in a few different forms: you may purchase raw bird’s nest, or you can buy it pre-bottled for maximum convenience!

Whichever products you choose, our premium bird’s nest come in the prettiest & luxurious gift packaging ever, and it will definitely put a big smile on the faces of whoever receives it!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to shop for the best gift ever for your loved ones!
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