Production Plant

Our Process

Production Plant

Located at Taman Kajang Perdana, our 4,900sf production plant has a workforce of 20 personnel, which dedicatedly produce high-quality premium bird’s nest every month.

Our customers are our priority, hence we ensure all our products are safe for consumption. We operate in a proper and clean workplace, we ensure our employees are well trained, observant and follow strict hygiene practices.

Our stringent quality control ensures that every piece of products that carry our name is the most genuine, natural and premium for your safe consumption and radiant health.

Bird’s Nest Processing Steps

Bird’s nests are cleaned by soaking them in water until the nest is softened and the tightly bound strands partially loosened.


Small feathers and fine plumage are then manually removed with tweezers, using clean filtered water.


The cleaned strands are then re-arranged and moulded into chips of various shapes.


They are finally air-dried and packaged for sale.